Poetry2go is the literary equivalent of a fast food stall with the exception that, instead of artery-clogging comestibles, we’ll be supplying fat-free poems in short order! At Poetry2go we can cook up bespoke poems in multiple forms such as haiku, sonnet, free verse or whatever you like! Served on card, paper, and keyring or even folded into origami.

A brand new poem, written upon request, on whatever topic you choose. Poems will be handwritten or typed and mailed to you, upon completion. Below is an example order form for you to use to get an idea of what you are looking for. 

Want to hire Poetry2Go? We also do this in person! We cook up poems in 10-30 minutes at your local event. Available for fairs, festivals, weddings and corporate events. 

Below is an example order form to give you an idea of what you want. 

(Please allow a couple weeks of processing time, so that I can make sure I'm sending you the best possible version of your poem)
(All rights remain with me as the author but if work is shared the identity of the commissioner will be kept private) 

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Where will the poem be sent
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