We are a live arts collective with a wide circle of collaborators, bringing to life the best performances for curious audiences looking for more. We come from various artistic backgrounds and work beyond them, blending individual art forms to create something new.

In Other Words is a festival of language based on the power of community and communication, showcasing and creating space for up-and-coming writers / performers and amplifying the voice of the people, not the voice of established institutions. It highlights both written and spoken word, and takes the form of publication, performance, and exhibition using venues around the city, many of them donated for free. Where applicable, the Festival asks for donations to cover running costs rather than charge audiences or artists.

Cambridge Bard - The role of the town Bard is to create and perform original pieces, attend and support local events and annual festival and to celebrate the customs and achievements of the town and its people. The Bard of Cambridge is the voice for the people, and holds the position for roughly a year; their final duty is to pass on the title and oversee the inauguration of their successor. The ‘Chairing’ ceremony to install the new Bard forms the culmination of the In Other Words Festival. The Bard for 2017-18 is Glenys Newton; find out all about her and the very first Bard, Marion Leeper, on our Cambridge Bards pages.

Honey & Lemon is a photographic novel that aims to promote and encourage healthy discussion and alternative views on mental health. 

Hammer & Tongue is a poetry democracy in the UK running qualifiers throughout the country and the National Slam Final at the Royal Albert Hall. Hammer & Tongue was founded in 2004 in Oxford by Steve Larkin and is now a Community Interest Company that runs a year-round programme of touring guest artists and qualifying slams with regional finals in BrightonWaterlooHackneyCambridgeOxford, and Bristol, as well as one-off festival slams such as the nightly slam that takes place at The Edinburgh Fringe.