Wysing Arts Festival

On the 31st of May I travelled to Wysing Arts centre to enjoy an afternoon of arts workshops and a collection of performances to celebrate the closing of the I Am Warrior exhibition which included some really great work from local 15-25 year olds. There was no rules on what you could submit to the exhibition and there was a wonderful display of paintings, sculptures, words and even computer programs. Some of my favourites from the exhibition were these:


The day kicked off with workshops from the wonderful Juneau Projects a.k.a  Philip Duckworth and Ben Sadler, who make collaborative artwork, sculpture, painting, sound, installation, animation, robotics and more. They led us in printing and sculpture work and let our imaginations run free. They had also had a huge part of the exhibition and do alot of collaborative work around the country. You can find more about them here


Phillip and Ben are also part of a musical trio aptly named the Juneau Brothers with Joe Welden who unfortunately couldn’t make it and so this was Joe for the day


Next up was some contemporary dance from the Cambridge contemporary dance  troupe and if you want to find out more you can see their website here
Rose Goddard took to the stage to read some beautiful poems about the Millennium and past friends. Ash Summers displayed his poetry/rap project which cleverly uses words on the screen to bring a better meaning.   Selena Lu brought her interesting monologues completely based from the personal experiences of women and how they feel about their periods, a great idea which will soon be a exhibition so watch out for that!

I also performed and found that the little bit we performed in was a wonderful space. It was designed and built by an artist who used to have a studio at the Wysing Arts Centre and worked perfectly for indoor and outdoor performances while still displaying the exhibition. The project was put together by the wonderful group Circuit Cambs who do all sorts of projects and general arty things. They were very welcoming and it was a real pleasure to work with them. You can find more about them here and here and you can find Wysing Arts centre here.

Photos courtesy of Jamie Tilley- http://jamietilley.wix.com/